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Ross Stevens, co-founder of MADE & Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), 3D-printed wind turbine PowerPotPlant


Industry: Prototyping Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM®) Material: Biopolymer (PLA) Machine: BigRep ONE printer

Ross Stevens, co-founder of MADE & Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), 3D-printed wind turbine PowerPotPlant

Harness the power of innovation with 3D-printed wind turbines - sustainable energy solutions for a brighter tomorrow.



Ross Stevens, a senior lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) and a co-founder of Multi-property Additive-manufacturing Design Experiments (MADE), stands as a prominent figure in the field of industrial design. Renowned for his innovative concepts, Stevens focuses on leveraging 3D printing technology to advance wind power accessibility. His latest endeavor, PowerPotPlant, exemplifies the potential of 3D printing in revolutionizing traditional wind turbine manufacturing processes. This project not only addresses manufacturing challenges but also emphasizes material sustainability and the seamless integration of renewable energy into daily life. Drawing inspiration from potted plants, PowerPotPlant showcases the capabilities of mono-material 3D printing in creating large-scale and recyclable products. This innovative wind turbine seamlessly merges technology, nature, and renewable energy sources, offering aesthetically pleasing and ecologically responsible sustainable energy solutions. Constructed from a biopolymer (PLA) directly harvested from plants, PowerPotPlant is designed with disassembly and recyclability in mind. Its flower-like form not only pays homage to plants but also informs its materiality and compact portability. PowerPotPlant's ecological impact aligns with the broader goal of increasing locally produced renewable energy, supporting the burgeoning fleet of battery-powered vehicles. By harnessing advancements in lower-cost, higher-powered batteries designed for electric vehicles, this domestic-scaled turbine enables homes to store energy from sources like the sun and wind, leading to long-term ecological and economic benefits.



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