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Sculpteo & Daniel Robert Orthopedics, 3D-printed custom Prothesis

By Sculpteo

Industry: Medical Technology: Selective Laser Sintering, Multi Jet Fusion Material: Ultrasint® PA11 SLS Machine: EOS P110 (SLS) / HP Jet Fusion 5200 (MJF)

Sculpteo & Daniel Robert Orthopedics, 3D-printed custom Prothesis

Empowering lives with precision-engineered 3D-printed prosthetics - reshaping the landscape of the medical industry, one step at a time.



Swiss-based Daniel Robert Orthopedics is renowned for its comprehensive array of services spanning technical orthopedics, orthotics, prostheses, rehabilitation positioning, and specialized footwear. In a strategic collaboration, the company has joined forces with Sculpteo to pioneer fully personalized and fitted devices, meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of each patient. When crafting orthoses and prostheses, Daniel Robert Orthopedics employs a meticulous approach, endeavoring to develop bespoke devices that prioritize comfort, flexibility, and lightweight construction. Leveraging the capabilities of 3D printing, the company achieves unparalleled levels of customization in orthopedic solutions, all while maintaining agility in both manufacturing and design workflows. Sculpteo's innovative online 3D printing platform facilitates the customization process seamlessly. Utilizing Ultrasint® PA11, a 100% biomass material, the platform manufactures custom AFO (ankle-foot orthosis) devices precisely tailored to individual patients. This biocompatible material conforms to stringent ISO 10993 and USP biocompatibility standards, making it ideal for orthopedic applications. Employing powder-bed fusion technology such as SLS or MJF, Daniel Robert Orthopedics efficiently produces these personalized devices, capitalizing on the inherent advantages of powder-based 3D printing. These include superior surface quality, enhanced breathability, reduced weight, and exceptional accuracy. PA11, derived entirely from castor oil, boasts remarkable toughness and consistency, yielding uniform and smooth surface finishes devoid of visible layering. Offered in both white and grey unfinished forms, PA11 stands out as a versatile polymer with outstanding mechanical properties, adaptable to various manufacturing technologies. Furthermore, 3D printing facilitates effortless replication of parts, enabling Daniel Robert Orthopedics to scale production seamlessly. This scalability not only encompasses increased quantities but also encompasses a broader range of orthotic solutions, empowering the company to meet evolving patient needs with agility and precision.



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