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SINTRATEC & Tobias Oesch, ETHEC City project


Industry: Prototyping Technology: Selective Laser Sintering Material: PA12 nylon powder Machine: Sintratec S2 system

SINTRATEC & Tobias Oesch, ETHEC City project

A promising future for E-mobility: a motorcycle with 3D printed components embodies the fusion of innovation and performance in modern engineering.



In partnership with Sintratec, the ETHEC City project has developed an electric motorcycle with an ingenious two-wheel drive that saves energy and improves its range. ETHEC City project in partnership with the Swiss-based manufacturer of SLS printers, aims to showcase the potential of 3D printing technology in creating sustainable transportation solutions, addressing the urgent need to mitigate climate change by reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly mobility options. The technical lead of the ETHEC City Project Tobias states: “Motorcycles are more efficient than common cars, but we barely see fully-electric motorcycles on our streets – that has to change”. It took the team one year to manufacture the motorcycle - from concept to construction, assembly, and testing. Normally, 80% of the energy in a traditional motorcycle is lost at the front wheel because of driveline inefficiencies, which leads to electrical vehicles with significantly shorter ranges. The team found an alternative way to drastically improve the efficiency of the motorcycle and recover the braking power. The solution was to integrate an electric motor in the front wheel and use it as a generator to recuperate the whole movement energy back into the system again. When the students began looking out for partners, the Swiss-based manufacturer of SLS printers Sintratec decided to sponsor several components to support the project. Subsequently, parts such as the casing for the display or the fuel filler flap were laser sintered on the Sintratec S2 system using Sintratec PA12 nylon powder. In addition, several design parts of the casing and the mounting of the foot pegs were 3D printed using SLA and SLM technologies. Tobias points out: “The quality of Sintratec’s products was extraordinarily precise with an excellent surface quality. 3D printing allows for the building of more complex structures, which provide the possibility to combine several...



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