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STRUCT3D, The Collection of 3D-printed Dessert Lights


Industry: Commercial Technology: Selective Laser Sintering Material: PA12 Machine: Formlabs Fuse 1

STRUCT3D, The Collection of 3D-printed Dessert Lights

Brighten Your World with Sweet Elegance: 3D-Printed Lighting Inspired by Sweet Confections.



Since 2023, designers Sarah Frister and Paul Streicher have been revolutionizing the world of 3D-printed design objects under their brand, STRUCT3D. Their first product line, Dessert Lights, emerges from the picturesque town of Lichtenfels, Germany. This innovative collection highlights the uniqueness achievable through 3D printing, with structures and geometries that can only be realized using additive manufacturing processes. STRUCT3D’s commitment to leveraging the most advanced manufacturing techniques results in truly distinctive designs. Frister and Streicher are driven by a mission to create 3D-printed products that surpass the quality and durability of those made with home 3D printers. They aim to showcase the full potential of 3D printing, moving beyond mere prototyping and DIY projects. The Dessert Lights concept embodies this mission, much like a confectioner crafting exquisite desserts from a precise recipe. The designers emphasize the precision and elegance of 3D printing, producing high-quality interior design objects that exhibit the creative freedom inherent in this technology. Manufactured in Germany using the selective laser sintering (SLS) process, the Dessert Lights boast superior craftsmanship. The surfaces of these lights are meticulously smoothed using a special technique before being coated with a heat-resistant ceramic layer, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. A key advantage of the 3D printing process employed by STRUCT3D is the capability for on-demand manufacturing. Frister and Streicher believe in infusing life with joy and playfulness, a philosophy reflected in the whimsical design of the Dessert Lights. These lights, shaped like various sweets, push the boundaries of 3D printing with their intricate and unique forms. The designers intentionally create shapes that are impossible to achieve with other manufacturing methods. In essence, STRUCT3D's Dessert Lights are a testament to the transformative power of 3D printing in design, merging innovation with artistry to bring light, fun, and creativity into everyday spaces.



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