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WASP & MCA Mario Cucinella Architects


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WASP & MCA Mario Cucinella Architects

Printed to Perfection: Eco-sustainable habitats crafted with 3D printing innovation.



The pioneering endeavor of creating the world's first fully 3D printed construction emerged through a collaborative effort between WASP and MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects. This innovative habitat model, known as TECLA, stands as a testament to the possibilities of modern construction techniques. Designed to address the pressing need for sustainable and affordable housing solutions amidst a growing global population, TECLA embodies a new circular housing paradigm. Crafted from locally sourced, natural materials, TECLA represents a harmonious blend of technology and ecology. Its construction relies on multiple 3D printers operating simultaneously, facilitated by the groundbreaking Crane WASP system. This synergy of digital design and material innovation enables TECLA to be not only environmentally friendly but also adaptable to diverse climates and contexts. The significance of TECLA extends beyond its physical manifestation. It symbolizes a shift in architectural philosophy, where the intrinsic value of indigenous resources is elevated through advanced manufacturing techniques. The use of a double dome structure serves a multifaceted purpose, integrating structural integrity, roofing, and external cladding seamlessly. TECLA's construction process exemplifies efficiency and sustainability. In just 200 hours of printing, utilizing 7000 machine codes and 350 layers of 12 mm thickness, TECLA emerges, spanning 150 km of extrusion and consuming a mere 60 cubic meters of natural materials. Such minimal resource consumption, coupled with an energy consumption of less than 6 kW on average, underscores the project's commitment to eco-consciousness. As TECLA nears completion near Bologna, Italy, it heralds a new era in architecture and urban development. By harnessing the potential of 3D printing technology and embracing a holistic approach to sustainability, TECLA serves as a beacon of hope for a future where innovative design meets environmental stewardship.



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