Workflow Software for Service Bureaus

​AMFG’s workflow automation software offers service bureaus a scalable way to grow your business. Our flexible software solutions enable service bureaus to eliminate manual tasks, increase efficiency and drive revenue growth.

​Generate revenue, increase efficiency and simplify your customer communications

AMFG’s end-to-end workflow automation software allows you to manage your customers, quotes and data — all from one platform.

Instant quotations
Auto file analysis
& repair

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Generate instant quotations, 24/7

Centralised quotation tool & order management software

Achieve greater efficiency and focus on higher-value tasks by automating the quoting process. AMFG's web quotation tool allows you to provide instant pricing, 24/7 — so your engineers no longer have to spend hours quoting parts.

Flexible pricing, tailored to your business

AMFG's software platform gives you the flexibility to use your own pricing formula — or develop one with the help of our technical support team. You have the flexibility to offer unlimited payment methods and set discounts and VAT rates.


Streamline & automate your workflows

3D printability analysis and repair tools

AMFG's integrated file analysis and repair tools allow you to convert CAD files to STL, repair errors, and prepare your build platform for 3D printing production.  

Seamless integrations

AMFG seamlessly integrates with your existing software, including all ERP, PLM and accounting software, so you can run your business more efficiently and ensure a seamless, end-to-end workflow.

Integrated communication tools

Use AMFG's software platform to streamline communication internally and with your customers. Give your team a complete overview of all incoming orders and achieve greater traceability.

A complete workflow management platform

Production scheduling
AMFG allows you to easily manage production scheduling, view machine status and optimise machine usage. Assign parts based on machine availability, manage post-process and QA tasks, and track parts from conception to delivery.

Data analytics
Use AMFG's data analytics to gain key insights, review revenue sources, improve operations and achieve a clear ROI.

Connect with your partners
AMFG gives you a secure platform to connect directly with other businesses. Outsource key services to other suppliers or allow repeat customers to order directly within the AMFG platform.

AMFG Production Management for Additive Manufacturing

Dedicated customer support team

At AMFG, we’re dedicated to your success. Our customer support team will work closely with you to provide ongoing support throughout the trial and onboarding periods to ensure that you’re 100% guaranteed to get the very best results out of the platform.

Trusted by leading 3D printing service bureaus worldwide

With customers in over 20 countries, AMFG's software platform helps service bureaus increase efficiency and and drive revenue.

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