Workflow Solutions for 3D Printing Service Bureaus

AMFG’s end-to-end workflow software platform offers best-in-class solutions to help service bureaus automate the quoting process, manage customer data and streamline internal workflows, so you can focus on expanding your business.

​​​​Improve your quoting and operations, increase efficiency and revenue

AMFG is the only platform that offers AM service bureaus a complete workflow management solution from beginning to end.

Customer management
and communication
File preparation
and repair

Trusted by leading 3D printing service bureaus worldwide

​Online quotation system for AM

Provide instant, automated quotations

Focus on higher-value tasks by automating the quoting process. Easily install AMFG’s web application on your website and allow customers to upload files and send requests in minutes.

Provide a seamless user experience to win new clients and secure repeat business. Get notified immediately when customers request quotes. Quotes are automatically generated within AMFG’s platform, ready for you to handle.

Fast, Accurate Pricing
Generate instant, automated quotations with the AMFG platform by inputting your own pricing formula into the system.
Have the flexibility to offer your clients unlimited payment methods, including invoice and purchase order.

Set custom pricing, such as discounts and VAT rates, based on customer groups. Quickbooks and other accounting software integrations available. Offer your customers dedicated accounts, with access to order history, billing and contact details.

Streamline your internal processes

Powerful file analysis and preparation software
Ensure the files you receive are ready for production with AMFG’s comprehensive STL file repair and analysis tools and 3D viewer. Repair errors including holes, self-intersections and flipped triangles and set important parameters like wall thickness. 

Complete project visibility
Give your team an instant overview of all incoming requests, complete with a tracking ID, the channel from which the request was received and the ability to assign projects to a user.

Integrate with your existing software
AMFG seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM, ERP accounting and other software, so you can ensure all data within your workflow is securely synchronised. 

Simplify customer communication
AMFG’s machine learning engine lets you integrate with your email provider and respond to customer emails and automatically unzip any files received via email within the platform. Easily communicate with your customers without ever needing to leave the AMFG platform. 

A complete production scheduling solution

Production scheduling
Streamline your production by managing your production scheduling efficiently. Optimise machine use by assigning parts to a build based on machine availability. Track parts that need post-processing and perform quality assurance checks through the platform.

Smart analytics
Use dashboard data analytics to gain greater insights, improve operations and optimise ROI. Perform quality assurance checks Assign parts to a build based on machine availability.

Connect with your suppliers and partners
AMFG’s Supplier Integration feature gives you a secure platform to connect with other businesses directly. Easily outsource key services to other suppliers or allow repeat customers to order directly within the AMFG platform.

Dedicated customer support team

At AMFG, we’re dedicated to your success. Our customer support team will work closely with you to provide ongoing support throughout the trial and onboarding periods to ensure that you’re 100% guaranteed to get the very best results out of the platform.

Trusted by leading 3D printing service bureaus worldwide

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