Workflow Software for
End-Part Production

Your workflow management solution for end parts
Your workflow management solution for end parts
Order management
& outsourcing
Auto file analysis
& repair
Production planning
& scheduling
Part catalogue
& QA management
Machine analytics

Additive Manufacturing Workflows

AMFG’s workflow automation/MES software offers a scalable foundation for enterprise companies to expand their additive manufacturing capabilities for serial production.

Manage your entire workflows, from ordering to production and delivery. Whether SaaS or on-premise, AMFG helps you manage every stage of the AM process so you can increase throughput, shorten lead times and unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing.

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AMFG gives you the ability to achieve a fully traceable and repeatable additive manufacturing process. Automatic system logging allows you to track parts throughout the project lifecycle and offers complete visibility across teams and locations.

Use our integrated user communication tools to access real-time status updates and notifications and keep your design, engineering and production teams on the same page.

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Gain actionable, data-driven insights with machine analytics

Get the data that matters most to your organisation. AMFG’s analytics capabilities give you the power to track KPI’s across your additive manufacturing operations. Monitor and visualise key metrics like cost reporting, machine usage and throughput so you can make data-driven decisions for your AM facility.

AMFG also delivers integrations with your existing ERP, PLM and BI software, so you can ensure a seamless, end-to-end AM workflow.

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Use AMFG’s production management system to achieve greater efficiency and visibility across your operations. Our production planning and scheduling system give you a complete production overview across locations and departments. Optimise machine usage, prepare builds and schedule production jobs according to machine availability.

Our post-processing management system gives you the tools to manage each stage of the post-processing workflow and complete quality assurance checks through our system.

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