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The Additive Manufacturing Landscape 2020

Key insights into the additive manufacturing industry in 2020

The Additive Manufacturing Landscape 2020 Updated

The additive manufacturing industry is going through extraordinary times. Amidst the global combat against the COVID-19 pandemic, 3D printing is enabling digital supply chains and establishing itself as a viable technology for on-demand manufacturing. The industry continues to industrialise, with new players entering the market and new technologies being developed. With the world of additive manufacturing evolving rapidly, AMFG’s Additive Manufacturing Landscape 2020 report gives you all you need to know to guide you through the current AM ecosystem. Download The Additive Manufacturing Landscape 2020 to get valuable insights into the key categories and companies within the additive manufacturing industry, as well as the trends that are driving AM in 2020.

What’s inside?

Key findings

From the blog:

The Additive Manufacturing Industry Landscape 2020: 240 Companies Driving Digital Manufacturing

the breakdown of the AM Landscape

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