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The Additive Manufacturing Landscape 2019

An essential guide into the additive manufacturing market today

Additive Manufacturing Industry Landscape Infographic [April 2019]

Today’s additive manufacturing landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, as new companies emerge, new technologies are developed and more industrial applications are found. 

With the constant shifts within the industry, it can be challenging for manufacturers to keep track of the range of companies offering innovative solutions across the spectrum of AM.

AMFG’s Additive Manufacturing Landscape offers a detailed overview of the key players and categories within the additive manufacturing industry.

Download this whitepaper to get up to speed with the current market landscape and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

What's inside?

    • An infographic of the 171 organisations featured in this year’s landscape
  • A detailed analysis of the key categories within the AM landscape, including hardware, materials and software solutions
  • The top 5 trends shaping the future of the AM landscape this year
  • A bonus spreadsheet of all the companies featured in this year’s landscape

Key findings

    • Hardware is the largest category within additive manufacturing, making up 57% of the overall AM landscape
  • The largest segment is metal machines, which make up 27% of the overall landscape
  • There are more VC-backed or privately funded companies within the AM landscape than there are public companies

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