Coming Soon: How Digital Quotation Can Accelerate CNC Machining Revenue

How automated quotation solutions can powerfully streamline your RFQ response

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Over the past few years, striking a balance between generating high-quality quotations and submitting them promptly has become increasingly tough for CNC machine shops. 

As the manufacturing market ramps up its pace and customers demand quicker RFQ response times than ever before, this predicament is proving a harsh obstacle to revenue growth. 


Fortunately, there is a solution: automated quotation solutions. By making the move from manual quotation to a digital approach, machine shops can generate accurate quotes in mere minutes, granting them the competitive edge needed for continuous development.

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  • What automated quotation software is and how it works,
  • The core benefits of investing in automating your quotation processes,
  • How exactly automating quotation boosts CNC machine shop revenue,
  • What to look out for when scoping the automation quotation software market,
  • Expert insights on digitisation in CNC machining, from Jan Wiese, Head of Digital Solutions & Innovation at WBA Werkzeugbau Akademie.
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