Why AMFG’s MES Software May Be The Best Choice for Your Additive Production

12 August 2021
Why AMFGs MES Software May Be The Best Choice for Your Additive Production

We launched AMFG, short for Autonomous Manufacturing, with a bold goal to transform additive manufacturing by making it more reliable, efficient and scalable through automation. 

Many processes in AM remain manual and siloed. To change this, we have been developing order management, manufacturing execution and workflow automation solutions. Together they create a digital thread enabling end-to-end control over AM processes. 

While several other companies are also developing AM management solutions, why do we believe we may be your best partner in digital transformation? 

Why choose AMFG? 

Below are some of the many reasons companies choose our additive MES and workflow software. Perhaps they’re the same reasons we may be the right partner for you.


AMFG’s software enables you to adjust when faced with increased production.

Whether you add more AM systems, or the volume of parts produced goes up, our software can easily handle any plans to scale up. We offer flexible modules that you can add as your AM operations evolve. 

For example, if you have a couple of AM systems, a great addition to your operations is order management solutions that enable you to price, organise and track 3D printing projects. 

But when your AM fleet expands to three or more machines, you’ll need real-time production planning in place that can help you manage capacity more efficiently. Ideally, additive production planning should also easily integrate with the order management side of operations.

AMFG additive MES overview
Advanced additive MES helps to organises teams, data and processes

Our software provides that integration. It means that we cover the whole additive production value chain, from the moment the order is placed to the moment it’s ready to be delivered. 

Compared to point solutions, AMFG’s centralised system provides you with a strong foundation for scalable growth and ensures the overall agility of your business.


At AMFG, we know that not every customer uses our software in the same way, so we give you the flexibility to customise the platform to your needs. 

This involves everything from branding your ordering portal to adding custom pricing formulas and setting up workflows that meet your requirements. 

Additionally, we offer the development of custom features or new configurations, giving you the peace of mind that the software will meet your needs over the long term.


Connectivity is a fundamental requirement for AM software. It allows you to integrate with anything that needs to be integrated, including CAD software, business software like ERP and PLM, enterprise IT networks and AM systems. 

AMFG’s MES and workflow software connects with your critical systems to ensure real-time visibility and data transfer. 

We provide more than 150 different integrations with ERP, BI, PLM software and logistics services. Our software can be connected with your build preparation tools and 3D printers (including HP, EOS, Ultimaker and more) to enable machine monitoring

With advanced connectivity, you’re opening up new opportunities toward more intelligent additive manufacturing and unified business management.


AMFG’s workflow automation software streamlines many of the time-consuming and error-prone tasks that hamper growth. 

For example, to automate communication with engineers who send 3D printing requests, you can set up rules that trigger automatic emails to notify them of the progress of their order. 

AMFG’s advanced workflow solution can also allow automatic status changes in your order management system and routing of orders to specific builds based on predefined parameters. 

Only a few additive MES vendors can offer this level of workflow automation in additive manufacturing.

Proven Track Record


While the list of reasons why customers choose AMFG can go on, the best evidence of our capabilities is a proven track record of successful digital transformations in additive manufacturing departments and 3D printing labs.  

We’ve been working with global companies across different industries, including automotive, medical, industrial and consumer goods.

For example, we work with a global multi-billion dollar automotive manufacturer that uses AM for manufacturing, tooling and rapid prototyping of hundreds of thousands of parts annually.

Before AMFG, its AM department struggled to establish an automated, end-to-end AM workflow to meet the increasing demand for AM internally.

After deploying our additive manufacturing management solution, the team got access to valuable functionality such as intelligent material recommendations and instant production time estimates. These features are particularly useful at the ordering stage and help enhance interdepartmental communication and improve the internal AM ordering experience.

In another example, L’Oréal, one of the largest cosmetics and beauty companies in the world, has chosen our software to power its 3D printing lab.

“We wanted to have a scalable solution, with which it’d be possible to start small and then add modules as our technology evolved and matured. This is something we have found with AMFG.”

Matthew Forrester

Additive Technical Manager at L'Oréal

With AMFG’s integrated solution in place, L’Oréal was able to automate each step in the ordering process. 

So instead of emails, engineers use a portal to send requests, and the backend system automatically collects requests, calculates their costs and organises projects in an easy-to-navigate table. In the meantime, the rules set up by workflow automation trigger notifications to keep engineers in the loop about their project status.

Switching to automation allowed L’Oréal’s 3D printing lab to save hours of administrative work per week, speed up order processing and reduce pricing errors. 

Check out other case studies to learn more about our customers’ success in digital transformation

Not just a software vendor 

One of our guiding principles is to value relationships. So, we don’t just work hard to win the sale, we work hard to help our customers succeed in AM. We understand that when our customers choose us, they’re entrusting a very important part of their business, their additive production management, to us. 

So, if you’re looking for more than a value-added software vendor, if you want a partner who will value your success as much as their own, look no further than AMFG. 

To learn more about how we can help you, explore our additive MES and workflow automation solutions, or talk to an AM automation expert


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