Raising Machine Shop Revenue with Instant Quote Software

16 January 2024
raising machine shop revenue

Report by Danny Weller


Raising machine shop revenue in the contemporary CNC machining market has rapidly become dependent on increasingly
demanding requirements. 


Be it internal inefficiencies or external demand struggles, securing and managing extra work seems like an insurmountable task. The absence of suitable manufacturing quoting software exacerbates this challenge. Adding to the issue is the reliance of many shops on a mere 20% of their customer base for 80% of their revenue. This limits their capacity to venture into new industries, intensifying the strain on operations. As a result, estimators face heightened pressure, leading to rushed work and costly errors.

Manufacturing quoting software offers substantial advantages in overcoming revenue bottlenecks, empowering shops with a competitive advantage. Read on to find out how. 

Instant quote software facilitates cost reduction enabling economic usage of time and avoidance of costly errors. The facts speak for themselves: In 2020, 61% of businesses leveraging automation exceeded revenue targets.

CNC quoting Software

How Quoting Software Increases Revenue for Manufacturers


Swift and efficient responses to customer inquiries significantly impact a business’s appeal. Within CNC machining, manual quotation processes struggle to adapt to this changing customer landscape. Crafting quotes is a meticulous skill honed over time by machinists, serving as the crucial first interaction with potential clients, shaping perceptions of future service quality. 

The challenge lies in balancing precise quoting with timely delivery, a struggle for machine shops in recent years. However, the emergence of quotation automation as a digital solution offers rapid, high-quality CNC machining quotes within minutes. This innovative approach is gaining traction among machine shops seeking to effectively navigate market changes and secure a leading position in the industry.

Here’s a breakdown of how quoting software for manufacturers can increase revenue for your shop:

Easily Provide Dynamic Lead Times

Manufacturing quoting software empowers manufacturers to enhance competitiveness by offering dynamic lead times. This strategic edge elevates the likelihood of securing contracts, particularly as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) prioritize swift deliveries over costs. By allowing customers to specify their priorities upfront, this software reduces unnecessary communication cycles, streamlining decision-making for mutual advantage.

Provide Add-On Options

Beyond material and labor expenses, accurately accounting for additional costs like engineering consulting or tooling fees is pivotal in crafting comprehensive manufacturing quotes. Incorporating add-ons, such as first article inspection or specialized packaging, not only boosts revenue capture but also acts as a strategic marketing tool, highlighting your shop’s distinctive capabilities and validating premium pricing. 

Furthermore, these add-ons deter customers from leveraging purchase orders as negotiation tools, ensuring rightful compensation for services, and addressing potential challenges like inadequate file submissions that necessitate redesign.

CNC machining materials
Image: Carlos Muza

ROI of Implementing Manufacturing Quoting Software


Boost Your Win Rate: Manufacturers benefit from quoting software that ensures quicker responses, providing an edge over competitors. Being the first to respond often secures the job.

Efficient Sales Cycle Control: Utilizing customer data within centralized quoting software empowers manufacturers to proactively manage sales cycles. Staying abreast of market trends and customer needs becomes seamless.

Enhanced Customer Base and Revenue Streams: Through meticulous tracking of RFQs and order history, manufacturers can diversify their customer portfolio and revenue streams. This reduces reliance on a limited client base.

artificial intelligence with additive manufacturing
Image: Kevin Ku

Choosing the Right Quoting Software for Your Shop


Each software platform is different and can provide your shop with a unique variety of benefits. So how do you choose the right quoting software for your shop?

When evaluating options, it’s essential to consider factors such as ease of use, flexibility, and the ability to address specific challenges in your shop. Another contributing factor that many shops tend to overlook is making sure you will have a reliable customer success team. Having champions who know your shop and care about your shop’s success can make or break your quoting software experience. 

AMFG offers all of the benefits mentioned in this article. With comprehensive features, including dynamic lead times, discounting capabilities, and add-on options, AMFG is the solution you need to raise machine shop revenue.


raising machine shop revenue


The Benefits of Using AMFG

AMFG helps shops enhance efficiency, improve the customer experience, and ultimately drive revenue. As a reliable and innovative tool, AMFG helps manufacturers who are seeking a competitive edge in precision manufacturing.


Here are 5 additional ways that AMFG can help raise revenue for your job shop:


Instant Evaluation of RFQs: AMFG allows manufacturers to instantly evaluate incoming Requests for Quotes (RFQs) and enables swift decision-making.

Seamless ERP Integration: Integrate our quoting software into your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. 

Accelerate Revenue Generation: Display expedited options to customers effortlessly, capturing additional revenue streams for your business.

Visibility into Sales Pipeline and RFQ Tracking: Gain valuable insights into your sales pipeline and efficiently track RFQs, empowering informed decision-making.

Modern Digital Quoting Experience: Offer customers a contemporary digital quoting experience, highlighting your dedication to innovation and efficiency. Additionally, provide or require credit card checkouts for a secure and seamless transaction process.”


Expanding a business often centers on cost-cutting measures and averting economic setbacks. While automating quotations aids in cost reduction, saving time, and minimizing errors, its true power lies in actively boosting revenue. Quotations directly impact profitability, pitching potential customers with a monetary angle, and enticing them to engage. Understanding this direct correlation is crucial. For machine shops aiming to increase revenue, prioritizing successful quotations becomes imperative.


AMFG can address key pain points and ultimately drive revenue for job shops. Revolutionize your quoting process, boost efficiency, and position your shop for success in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape.

With over 500 successful implementations in 35 countries and across a range of industries, we specialize in enabling companies to successfully integrate our software for CNC production, into their wider manufacturing processes and scale their operations. Book your demo today




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